I get this question a lot from clients, "who should I buy my hair from?". 

Before giving an answer I almost always refer them to my youtube channel. 

I have reviewed hundreds of different hair origins, textures & patterns. I pretty much know which vendor I trust to deliver great quality hair at an affordable price. 

But do not just take mine or any other hair-reviewing Youtuber's word when it comes down to purchasing hair extensions: 


However, if you are interested in knowing who I'd recommend for hair extensions, below is a list of vendors that I've worked with or have purchased hair from & find their hair of good quality, affordable and long lasting. 

I've also specified which patterns I'd recommend based off of my own experience.

1. Peerless Hair Company:

 Straight, Deep Wave & Body Wave


2. VIP beauty Hair:

Straight, Body Wave & Water Wave


3. West Kiss Hair:

Straight Hair Only


4. Yvonne Hair:

Yaki Straight & Kinky Straight